Frank is the managing director of Complex Land Solutions Pty Ltd, a leading property and land tenure consultancy firm.

With over 40 years’ experience in property and land administration matters, he consults to LSV Borrello Lawyers on a broad range of complex property matters including land tenure, detailed document registration, subdivisions, strata titling, easement creation, restrictive covenants, and town planning issues.

Having previously worked in senior roles with Landgate, the State Solicitor’s Office, the Rural Adjustment Finance Corporation and a leading West Perth based private legal practice, Frank has developed skills in the areas of project management, land acquisitions and amalgamations, property tenure, disposals and general land administration.

Frank’s significant practical experience in complex property matters makes him a valued member of the LSV Borrello Lawyers team and the first port of call for many of our property based clientele.

Frank’s technical understanding of the land and securities registration system throughout Western Australia is unparalleled.