With over 40 years’ experience, John consults to LSV Borrello Lawyers on complex property matters, including land tenure, detailed document registration, subdivisions, strata titling, easement creation, restrictive covenants, adverse possession issues and land development proposals.

Prior to commencing his own consultancy business, John was the Manager of the Complex Dealings Section with the Land Registration Services section of the Western Australian Land Information Authority (now Landgate). John has extensive experience with respect to all Deeds Office and Torrens Land registration matters ranging from the most straightforward to the extremely complex.

John was also formerly the Senior Assistant Registrar of Titles at Landgate and Senior Reference Officer for examination staff with regard to all technical matters and registration issues.

Throughout his tenure at Landgate, John was actively involved in the transition from Paper Titles to the existing Digital Titling system and has participated in several successful international land administration projects relating to the development of Land Registration systems in Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Mauritius.

John’s practical and technical understanding of the land registration process in Western Australia is second to none.